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Buying, owning and selling real estate is a huge responsibility. Whether you own real estate to start your own business or build a home for you and your family, having a piece of land in your name can be a sign of hard work and financial responsibility. Unfortunately, there may be times when that property is infringed upon, leaving you wondering how to protect it. At these times, an Okmulgee real estate lawyer is a vital asset to have by your side.

At Eagan Law Office, PLLC, we have the answers to all your real estate questions regarding buying, selling or when an issue regarding your ownership has arisen. Our team has the experience and knowledge you’re seeking when it comes to fighting for your property rights.

Whether you are looking to protect your commercial or residential real estate, our attorneys can help ensure that your rights are a priority. Your property is an investment, and you deserve the help you need to protect it.

Benefits of a Real Estate Attorney

Buying, selling or settling real estate disputes may seem simple but are often quite complex. You have your contract, abstract, closing documents, as well as property surveys. However, there can be many complications in determining the outcome of your matter that have significant impacts on the future of your property. It is always most effective to utilize the help of a qualified and experienced attorney who can help you navigate complex laws in Okmulgee, OK.

Real estate is a part of civil law that outlines the rights to property ownership, leasing, mortgages, liens, easements, and more. Therefore, working with an attorney can help ensure that your matter is viewed through the legal eyes needed to protect your investment.

Attorneys work on your behalf and advocate for your rights in contracts, reading abstracts and title opinions, disputes, arbitration, mediation, and more. Should your case go to court, they will represent your interests and litigate the matter on your behalf.

Common Types of Real Estate Disputes

There are a number of ways in which property can be challenged legally by Okmulgee Real Estate Lawyer. Common types of disputes that can occur include:

  • Boundary encroachment. Every piece of property is surrounded by an invisible boundary that is outlined in land surveys. It determines exactly where your property ends and the next begins. If you have a neighbor who decides to build a fence, for example, and it encroaches on your property, you have a right to dispute the construction. If they have already built the fence, they could be held liable for repairs to your land.
  • Trespassing can be a minor issue or a major violation. Any time a person who is not authorized to enter your land does so without your permission, it can be considered trespassing. Severe enough cases could involve financial compensation for damages and injunctions and, in some cases, result in criminal charges.
  • A partition is a barrier between two things. As applied to real estate, this occurs when there are multiple owners of a piece of land, and they are unable to agree upon how to use the land in question, creating a barrier between both parties. In this case, one party could force the property to be sold. These types of cases are complex and seek a fair result for all parties.
  • Title and ownership. All real estate will have a title and a declaration of ownership. This states who is authorized to transact the property and make decisions for its zoned usage. On occasions, there are multiple parties who seek to stake a claim in the land, causing a dispute in ownership. These matters are often referred to as clouded titles and are litigated in court to determine any fraudulent or adverse claims.
  • Non-disclosure. When transacting property, owners have an obligation to potential buyers to disclose any physical issues with the property that could impact the financial value of the land or the cost to improve it. Sellers who choose not to disclose information that is later discovered could be held accountable for damages suffered.
  • Breach of contract. Real estate transactions are controlled through contractual agreements. This includes the offer to purchase up until the closing of the sale. Once the property is closed on, the mortgage and other agreements are additional contracts whose obligations need to be met. This can include rental agreements. Any violation of such contracts can result in litigation.
  • There are many ways upon which a property could be foreclosed, but any time an owner fails to meet their financial obligation with a mortgage holder or seller, that entity has a right to foreclose on the property in order to satisfy the debt. However, there are times when these processes are falsified or are the result of inaccurate record-keeping.

These disputes are among some of the most common but are in no way a complete listing. For any dispute you may encounter with another individual entity, company entity, or government entity that impacts the property you own, you should seek the help of an Okmulgee Real Estate Lawyer who can review the options available to you.

What Is Civil Litigation?

Real estate law is a type of civil law, and Eagan Law Office covers a wide variety of Civil Litigation circumstances. Suing someone, or defending against a lawsuit requires a significant amount of strategic forethought and understanding of the Judicial System. Eagan Law Office has accumulated a tremendous amount of experience in this field.

Civil Litigation includes actions such as Quiet Titles and Foreclosures to settle property ownership and financial responsibility. Eagan Law Office also offers representation in other Civil Actions such as Breach of Contract, Trespass, Boundary Disputes, and Personal Injury. Let Eagan Law Office represent you in your litigation needs.

Who Has the Legal Right to Choose the Closing Attorney for a Real Estate Transaction in OK?

In all real estate transactions, it is recommended that both the buyer and seller have legal representation independent of the other.

Contact an Okmulgee Real Estate Disputes Lawyer

While owning real estate is an exciting time and the mark of a huge accomplishment, it comes with a great amount of responsibility, both to ensure your property is properly cared for and to respect the property of those around you.

At Eagan Law Office, PLLC, we know that those obligations aren’t always met. If you find yourself facing challenges with the property you own, contact our offices and let our attorneys help you protect your investment.


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